Tonight’s my last night in the states till May.  Being pretty occupied these past couple of weeks, it still hasn’t fully hit me that I’ll be away from my friends and family for nearly an entire year!!  (Tip: If you have the means NOT to work the last week before going abroad, I would highly suggest  not working cause I’m pretty burned out and didn’t get as much done as I wanted to but, hey, money’s really important)

Of course I’ll always be a tad worried.  What if my grammar sucks? What if I look like a moron?  What if I don’t understand/do necessary paperwork?  What if I get super lost?  What if I miss my connecting flight?  What if I’m stuck at the airport for hours?  What if I forget something important now that my mom can’t just drive over and drop it off?

Mais bon. Ca va aller. It always does.

Can’t wait for my week in Paris!  It’ll be such fun to see my other hometown again.  Le sigh.


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