The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


My baggage just got delivered!!  Phew!  I also dropped in for a surprise visit at the nonprofit at interned at during my semester abroad, then went to Le Quartier Latin where I visited the Panthéon then got ice cream!

But, I was also painfully reminded that I can be an asshole.

First off, I’m afraid I’m not always the best guest.  Sure, I keep things fairly tidy (or at least messy on my side, then clean it up before I leave) and give my host family presents (after someone reminds me to do so) but sometimes, I’m afraid I get either a. too self-centered b. too dependent on what the host has to spell out for me that should have been obvious from the get go. Half the time I feel like I’m mooching off of my host.

Second of all, I feel like I can get either a. too lazy b. too impatient.  I just had to go to the store even though I already didn’t arrive back at the house till after 5 (ETA of luggage was 5-9, it came about a quarter after 6) cause of some weird compulsion and ironic fear of not having enough time to go shopping later. I had my roommate’s phone on me and had been checking  (again–because I’m a self-centered asshole) but didn’t hear the calls when I was in line.  I came to the apartment in the nick of time and the delivery guy was definitely pissed off.  I would have been too.

Of course, this is now high time to reminisce about the friendships I’ve ruined and the bad taste I’ve left in people’s mouths.  Why can’t I just stop being so frustrating?


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