The Following Post is Not for the Faint of Heart

I leave for Clermont-Ferrand tomorrow!  These past few bread-crepe-hummus-and-wine-filled days, I’ve been to Musée de l’Orangerie (impressionists mostly–lotsa Monet), the Catacombs (spoopy!), Giverny (Monet’s house and garden– so pretty!– and the perfect complient to Musée de l’Orangerie), the tea house at the Grand Mosquée (8 euros for three pastries and a mint tea were definitely worth the sugar rush), and l’Hopital Robert Debré.
And, yes, “hopital” is French for hospital.  And, yes, dear reader, I had to go to the hospital.
TMI time:
I had my period about two and a half weeks ago, so was a little surprised when I saw spotting.  Then I realized (and Googled :P) that it’s just a sign of ovulation that happens for some.  For the first two days, there was very little, no pain, no heaviness, nothing to worry about.
Then Friday morning it started getting heavier and I got cramps. I knew something was wrong.  It felt like a period but not.
So, after getting advice from a gyno’s office that I called, I went to the hospital with the girl I’ve been staying with.
After several hours of waiting and an inside look with the dildo-cam, (the intern seemed to know more than the adorable, cow-licked, young, but somewhat clueless male doctor, which made me a bit concerned, but, ok) I got diagnosed with an ovarian cyst.
Which apparently, I just have to wait out and let a doctor know if it hasn’t gotten better in a week.
So for now, I’ll mostly just be taking it easy, padding up, and doing the cowboy walk.  Thank God this happened now and not on the plane :/.   Also, thank God France has universal health care!  If there’s ever a place to have some sort of random malheur  or douleur, it’s France.
Well, I won’t let this obnoxious curveball get in the way, it’s full steam ahead to the next adventure. *waddles in pain as the crimson chariot passes through the Labian Gates.*
Today, I’ll be heading to Musée de Quai Blanly and hanging with my lovelies one last time before we meet again.
A bientot!

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