Quick updates!

So let’s see:

I had a wonderful soirée with wonderful people in my room Friday, I ate one of the best kebab sandwiches I’ve ever had in my life Saturday, I took a ride in a teeny tiny plane above the Auvergne countryside Sunday, and I started teaching, picked up my carte bancaire, and got a roommate Monday!  Definitely a lot to take in (especially the kebab…I’m not kidding).

It was definitely an experience starting from the bottom to the tiny humans and getting bombarded from an endless stream of questions from the not-as-tiny tiny humans, but these past couple of days have gone well.  I can already tell that, despite not always completely knowing what I’m doing (this applies to the kiddos as well as me), everything’s gonna be ok, and we’ll all learn something in the end!  Here’s to an awesome year!


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