Vacances de Two Cent Partie Deux

We are now beginning our second week of our vacation, and in the past few days, I’ve made what I believe/hope to be some impulsive yet practical decisions!

On Wednesday, I went to Parc Montjuzet.  I had clearly overlooked the letter in MonTJuzet — Mont, as in montaigne as in mountain– so my calves certainly got a work out, but the view was definitely worth it!  Take a looksie below!  I also got a pretty good amount of lesson planning things done, so I’ll be ready for the kiddos come November.   I’m actually feeling fairly confident about teaching!

I also decided to go ahead and spend a few days in the South of France!  I’ve never been, so it was definitely high on my TAPIF bucket list of places to go, and with two weeks vacation where I’ll already be traveling a bit, I figured, why not?  Just this past Friday, after figuring out if I was going with a friend or flying solo, I booked a BlaBlaCar and from Clermont-Ferrand to Aix-en-Provence for Monday as well as 3 nights there in an AirBnB, a bus from Aix to Paris Thursday (with a brief layover in Lyon), and a bus from Paris back to CF on Saturday (just in time for some exhausted Halloween-ing).  I’ll also try to spend a day in Marseille, which is only about half an hour from Aix, for the beach, awesome, and overall multicultural goodness.  Thankfully, if all goes well, I should be getting paid Wednesday, which will take some of the stress away, even if at least half of my stipend will be going towards rent :/.

Here’s to spontaneity! Santé!

*Collective "aaahhh" from choir of angels*

*Collective “aaahhh” from choir of angels*


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